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DES NO. 2200176


Lebanon, Boone County, Indiana


Indiana Department of Transportation

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Project Descripion


The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) intend to proceed with the I-65 and US 52 Interchange Improvement Project (Des. No. 2200176) in Boone County, Indiana. The proposed undertaking is located at the I-65/US 52 Interchange in Lebanon, Boone County, Indiana. The study area for the proposed project extends approximately 1.72 miles north and 0.45 mile south along I-65 from the I-65/US 52 interchange and is generally bound by US 52 to the west (approximately 0.60 mile west of I-65) and SR 39 to the east (approximately 1.40 miles east of I-65).


The need for the proposed project is evidenced by the lack of access due to the partial I-65/US 52 interchange that only provides I-65 northbound to US 52 westbound access and US 52 eastbound to I-65 southbound access. I-65 traffic must utilize the SR 47 and SR 32 interchanges to reach the areas east and west of I-65 near the US 52 interchange, as well as utilize less direct routes through low-speed residential areas and downtown Lebanon. Additionally, increased traffic congestion is expected due to the planned 7,000-acre LEAP Innovation and Research District being developed east and west of I-65, north of Lebanon, that is anticipated to be a large traffic generator and includes the Eli Lilly and Company campus that is anticipated to be constructed by 2025. Due to the increased traffic congestion from the development, the I-65/US 52 interchange under existing conditions is expected to operate at a level of service (LOS) F (unacceptable) in the 2045 (design year) AM peak hours. LOS is a scale (A through F) which classifies operating conditions of roads. In general, the operating conditions of roads are considered acceptable if found to operate at LOS D or better.


The purpose of the proposed project is to provide improved mobility and direct access to the areas east and west of I-65, north of Lebanon, as well as increase the LOS of the I-65/US 52 interchange to LOS D or better.

The preliminary preferred alternative, Conceptual Alternative 8, would relocate the existing I-65/US 52 interchange to CR 300 N, but would be offset approximately 0.28 mile north of existing CR 300 N. US 52 would be realigned to travel in an east/west direction to the interchange. East of the interchange, CR 300 N would be realigned beginning east of Witt Road and extend west on new alignment to the relocated I-65/US 52 interchange. A connection would be made to the remaining portion of US 52 south of the new alignment and this remaining portion of US 52 would terminate south of CR 250 N, prior to reaching I-65. Stormwater detention ponds (dry ponds) would be utilized as required within the interchange infields to meet the appropriate detention requirements. The existing I-65/US 52 interchange ramps would be removed including the ramp from northbound Lafayette Avenue to I-65 northbound. The Lafayette Avenue to I-65 northbound ramp would be removed because it would be too close to the proposed I-65 northbound exit ramp, which would cause potential conflicts between merging and diverging traffic. Although this access point would be removed, a new improved access point would be provided from CR 300 N that would allow vehicles access to northbound and southbound I-65, as well as westbound US 52. Additionally, Lafayette Avenue traffic would still be able to utilize the I-65 and SR 32 interchange that is approximately 1.25 miles south of the existing Lafayette Avenue to I-65 northbound entrance ramp. 


The proposed project is anticipated to require approximately 67 acres of right-of-way and one relocation; however, this will be further refined during detailed design. A full maintenance of traffic (MOT) plan has not yet been developed; however, the preferred method of traffic maintenance would include maintaining at least two lanes of traffic in each direction on I-65 and follow the INDOT Interstate Highways Congestion Policy 2017.



Notice of Preliminary Preferred Alternative (May 10, 2023)

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) would like to update the public regarding the selection of a preliminary preferred alternative for the I-65 and US 52 Interchange Improvement Project (Des. No. 2200176). Conceptual Alternative 8 has been determined to be the preliminary preferred alternative.


Conceptual Alternative 8 was recommended as the preliminary preferred alternative after a year of analysis, evaluation, and input gathering from federal, state, and local agencies; adjacent residents; stakeholders; and other interested parties. Information was also derived from the public through forums including a public comment portal located at, direct email comments, and a public meeting. Eight conceptual alternatives (as presented in the December 15, 2022 Public Information Meeting) were identified and studied to determine which would be the most appropriate. In balancing considerations in the process of determining a preliminary preferred alternative, meeting the purpose and need of the project was first considered and then engineering and environmental considerations were evaluated. Conceptual Alternative 8 best addresses the purpose and need of the project while balancing the anticipated impacts.

Due to the involvement of federal funds, Conceptual Alternative 8 will be carried forward and evaluated in more detail in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Additionally, compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), which requires federal agencies to take into account the effects of their undertakings on historic and archaeological resources, is also required. Conceptual Alternative 8 will be the basis for further detailed design, analysis, and development of the project. In addition, a public meeting will be scheduled in Summer 2023 to give the public an opportunity to provide feedback and comments on the preliminary preferred alternative as it is further developed.


A map of the preliminary preferred alternative, as well as the alternatives screening matrix that was used to assess the conceptual alternatives, can be found below under "Project Document Links".



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