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DES NO. 2200176


Lebanon, Boone County, Indiana


Indiana Department of Transportation

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Project Descripion


The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) intend to proceed with the I-65 and US 52 Interchange Improvement Project (Des. No. 2200176) in Boone County, Indiana. The proposed undertaking is located at the I-65/US 52 Interchange in Lebanon, Boone County, Indiana. The study area for the proposed project extends approximately 1.72 miles north and 0.45 mile south along I-65 from the I-65/US 52 interchange and is generally bound by US 52 to the west (approximately 0.60 mile west of I-65) and SR 39 to the east (approximately 1.40 miles east of I-65).


The need for the proposed project is evidenced by the lack of access due to the partial I-65/US 52 interchange that only provides I-65 northbound to US 52 northbound access and US 52 southbound to I-65 southbound access. I-65 traffic must use the SR 47 and SR 32 interchanges to reach the areas east and west of I-65 near the US 52 interchange, as well as less direct routes through low-speed residential areas and downtown Lebanon. Additionally, increased traffic congestion is expected due to the anticipated 7,000-acre LEAP Innovation and Research District being developed east and west of I-65 (north of Lebanon) that is anticipated to be a large traffic generator and includes the Eli Lilly and Company campus that is anticipated to be constructed by 2025. Due to the increased traffic congestion, the I-65/US 52 interchange under existing conditions is expected to operate at a level of service (LOS) F (unacceptable) in the 2045 (design year) AM peak hour. LOS is a scale (A through F) that classifies the operating conditions of roads. In general, the operating conditions of roads are considered acceptable in urban areas if found to operate at LOS D or better.


The purpose of the proposed project is to provide improved mobility and direct access to the areas east and west of I-65 (north of Lebanon) and increase the LOS of the I-65/US 52 interchange to LOS D or better. In addition, the purpose of the proposed project is to support the economic development that is currently underway north of Lebanon, as well as the future growth of Lebanon and Boone County.


The proposed project includes the improvement of the I-65/US 52 interchange, which may result in the relocation of the interchange to the north. An alternatives analysis will be performed to determine the proposed improvements/modification at the interchange. Exact right-of-way amounts have not yet been determined; however, the proposed project may require more than 50 acres of permanent right-of-way acquisition and will likely include multiple relocations. A full maintenance of traffic (MOT) plan has not yet been developed; however, the preferred method of traffic maintenance would include maintaining at least two lanes of traffic in each direction on I-65 and follow the INDOT Interstate Highways Congestion Policy 2017.



Press Release (December 1, 2022)

A public information meeting regarding the I-65 and US 52 Interchange Improvement project is being held on December 15, 2022 at 7:00 PM at Lebanon High School, 510 Tiger Way, Lebanon, IN 46052. Please enter through the Athletics entrance (Door 5). The format of the meeting will feature a formal short presentation to begin at 7:00 PM with an informal open house session starting immediately following the formal presentation. The open house session will provide the public an opportunity to view project exhibits and displays, as well as interact with the project team.


The purpose of this public information meeting is to obtain the public's views regarding the proposed project and its alternatives under consideration by INDOT. The public will be afforded the opportunity to provide comments on the information presented at the meeting through the submission of comments to the project team. Please note that the content and discussion at this meeting will only be regarding INDOT’s I-65 and US 52 Interchange Improvement Project (Des. No. 2200176).


Additionally, the same meeting presentation and exhibits will be posted here a week prior to the meeting under "Project Document Links" or within the "Virtual Open House." Comments can be submitted via the comment box below or by using the printable "Comment Form" linked below.


DECEMBER 15, 2022 - 7 PM

Lebanon High School (door 5)

510 Tiger Way, Lebanon, IN 46052



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